for Fund Representative



Corrina Serda (she/her) is a 25-year-old with Chicana and European-Canadian heritage, and the proud mother of a three-year-old, Creegan, who is Anishnaabe. She works in the communications field, with a focus on communicating complex concepts to diverse audiences.


She received an Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award in 2014 after speaking about climate solutions to over 35,000 people as a member of the Climate Reality Project, served as a local Green Party Campaign Manager twice, and won more than 30% of the votes in a municipal election at age 18.


Corrina is currently a member of the Policy Development Process Committee, served on the Virtual General Meeting core organizing team, and is Communications Co-Chair for the Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound EDA. 


Corrina was elected GPC Fund director in July 2021 and has been Co-President since August 2021. She has taken a leave of absence to run for Fund Representative.


Recent achievements:

  • Established joint leadership on the Fund board and became the youngest (co-)President in the GPC Fund board’s history

  • Helped lead the GPC’s most accessible, inclusive, low-cost General Meeting

  • Provided three updates to the GPC membership on Fund operations during a time of crisis

  • Advocated and participated in a new transparency-driven AGM for the Fund, open to GPC members 

  • Resolved many long standing legal issues

  • Navigated the first Collective Agreement for the GPC

  • Assisted through the GPC financial crisis

  • Oversaw reintegration of volunteers into national operations


Key platform planks:

  • Focus on cost-savings by building the organization through volunteer and EDA empowerment 

  • Commitment to transparency practices, fiscal discipline and legal compliance

  • Unique cultural viewpoint and strong ethical framework

  • Experience to be Fund Representative in compliance with statutory texts

  • Experience establishing safe spaces and effective decision-making


“We are in a time of transformational change and the Green Party is needed for its values, bottom-up structure, and priority to address climate justice. Please vote for me so I can have the mandate to keep the Fund and Federal Council as transparent to the membership as is legally and ethically responsible, and continue to build capacity for all ridings.”